Contact Information

This page contains ways to contact SAGA North and receive information from us. We welcome your comments and are looking forward to hearing from you.

On-line Request

If you would like further information on SAGA North, please fill out this and we will contact you shortly.

News Updates

SAGA North has several ways to subscribe to news updates about our events. These messages will tell you when trips are open for signing up, and remind you about our meetings and social events.

  • SAGA North news on Facebook
  • SAGA North news on Twitter
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  • SAGA North news by email

Members Discussion Groups

  • Women are invited to go to SAGA North Women email discussion group and click on "Join" to send and receive messages among women interested in activities related to SAGA North.

  • SAGA North members are added to the SAGA North Members email discussion group when they join SAGA North. You must be a member to subscribe to it.

More information about joining Yahoo Groups

We will invite people to the SAGA North News Group in Yahoo Groups when they join the club or sign up for the news list such as at a meeting or at the SAGA North booth at a street fair. We invite members to the SAGA North Members Group when they join the club. People who indicate interest in the SAGA North Women's Group are also invited to that group. Yahoo does not allow us to add email addresses to these groups directly without confirmation. For each group, an invitation message is sent, and a response is needed before the email address is added to the group. Please check your spam filters and make sure they will not block messages from these addresses:


If you have trouble receiving the invitation messages, try subscribing to these groups using the links (above) to the Yahoo web pages. Look for the Join button on the main page of each group.

Club Officers

This is a list of email addresses for reaching each of the officers of SAGA North. These addresses have been in use since June 2007.

Postal Address

  • FAX:   Instead of fax, please scan and email forms using the email address on the form.
  • Postal address for sign-ups:
    Please use the address printed on the form
  • Postal address for general mail:
    SAGA North Ski & Snowboard Club
    PO Box 14472
    San Francisco, CA 94114

SAGA North Web Page

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