SAGA North is a member-oriented club. We all work together and pitch in to help form a fantastic organization that allows gays and lesbians and their friends to ski and socialize.

As a member, you will be invited to join our member's-only email group. Special announcements just for members are sent through this group. You can use this group to communicate with other members on things such as ski trips, the latest news or, perhaps, items you want to buy/sell. Both members and the general public are invited to join the club's email news group. See our Contact Us page for more information on the club's email groups,

You will also be given access to the club membership roster so that you can contact other members individually. In addition, members are able to attend special events during the year.

SAGA North relies upon the active participation of all of our members to make the club work. We have an elected board to head various committees, which is in turn responsible for Winter Trips, Summer Activities, Social Activities, Website, etc. We have trip leaders who help organize all of our summer and winter trips.

So why not become a member and help us to make the club work?

Member Signup Form

Member Discounts

SAGA North Members can get discounts for various merchandise and services. Members will be given instructions on how to qualify for the discounts. See the Member Discount page for details.

Non-Members are Welcome

SAGA North wants new people to try the club out. As a non-member, you can go to most social events and one-day bus trips without joining the club. We want you to attend these events and get to know us. In particular, the socials in the fall, where we sign up for winter trips, are open to everyone, without any fees. Some other events may have a guest fee or higher price for non-members.

All overnight winter trips require membership in SAGA North for the term during which the trip is scheduled.

Membership fee

The membership fee is $30. The term of membership is from October to September, but non-members get the summer free if they sign up for the following term after April 1.

Your membership fee helps pay for advertising for new members, for free social events, and operational overheads (e.g. web hosting, fax service, accounting).